How bulk sms will play crucial role for marketing in 2019

How bulk sms will play crucial role for marketing in 2019

In 2018 marketing industry experienced some major changes as new & innovative platforms opened primitive gateways for businesses to connect with prospective customers along with current ones. However tools like virtual reality, digital assistants created a lot of hype, marketers identified that “traditional” platforms like Bulk SMS Service are most effective.

Bulk SMS become a staple in many consumers’ marketing communications—and this isn’t slowing down anytime soon. A recent study forecasts that nearly 813.2 million Indians will be mobile using cellular services by the end of 2019, and this number will only grow By taking advantage of this massive pool of consumers, businesses ensure they’re reaching and engaging customers where and how they prefer to interact.

Get valuable engagements

The bulk messaging platform creates a unique opportunity for businesses to directly engage with consumers, whether it’s quickly resolving consumer service issue or just to receive more details about upcoming products. The advantage of SMS service is interpersonal quality since consumers have already used the messaging platforms to communicate with friends and family.

In addition to promotions bulk SMS service providers are offering 24/7 support, SMS API integration and managing and resolving simpler customer situations or issues to ensure valuable consumer engagement resulting in long-term loyalty.

Create new opportunities

Bulk messaging service is emerging as a quick platform for companies to share updates about products. Now people looking for related services or products can easily choose one they’re considering which creates an opportunity for instant services.

This kind of enhanced bulk messaging feature results in a real, measurable value for brands that use messaging apps and for helping shoppers naturally discover and purchase new products.

Reach new customers

Bulk messaging improves engagement which is an important goal for marketers, but this doesn’t just include interacting with current customers but created user-base on bulk SMS platforms lead marketers to reach new clients who are interested in their brand.

Another aspect is data security since the current marketing realm is hugely emphasized on privacy as consumers are quite sensitive about data misuse. By choosing the right bulk SMS platform, brands can be assured about staying in boundaries when collecting or analyzing user data.

To conclude we can say that 2019 will be the year for business marketers to recognize that investing in the newest technologies isn’t necessarily the best route to engaging customers. By instead putting resources toward bulk SMS services, which are steadily growing in popularity, brands can achieve all their customer engagement goals in a new year.

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