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SMS Marketing Should Be Used To Generate Revenue in 2019!

SMS Marketing Should Be Used To Generate Revenue in 2019!

The rapid advancement of technology has opened gates for a new era of smartphones where communication channels are easy and people are always connected to each other.

This is why mobile internet usage is taking over desktop internet usage as average human being use their cell phone at least 85 times per day for checking information and latest social media updates.

Overall it can be concluded that we’re hugely dependent on cell phones and this trend is expected to continue in coming times but this opens a new opportunity door for marketers to reach consumers.

SMS marketing is gaining a great deal of interest by businesses which is understandable as in 2020 it’s predicted that 90% of the world population will be having a mobile phone.

Is Bulk SMS Marketing effective?

Yes! mobile marketing works, but only if your text message reaches to consumer’s inbox, and if your ad is mobile-optimized.

Surprisingly sms marketing is the only way to create noise and get a positive return on investment.

It’s interesting to know that most of the marketers laughed at the idea of SMS marketing because they thought it was less effective than email marketing.

But that’s a myth. The bulk sms services are lurking in the background, waiting for you to capitalize on it.

Some advantages of sms marketing to generate revenue:-

1) Text messages have the best engagement rate then any other medium for example emails remain unread for at least 48 hours generally, the average click-through rate for PPC is even worse, but text messages are always read immediately after they’re sent. The probability of getting your message to targeted users is vastly higher than with email, PPC, organic, or social.

2) Traditional sms marketing in India offer trackable software platforms where marketers can easily track who opened the message, link clicked, ignored the message and manage sms campaigns all from the desktop. SMSIndiaHub‘s bulk sms software platform lets you track each step starting with initial delivery and opening.

3)  The best bulk sms marketing technique includes an interactive content where its possible to get feedback from your recipients through a quick tap on the ‘reply’ button or a click on your link. And, of course, it’s perfectly optimized for mobile.

4) Another offering from sms marketing campaign is high delivery rates. Just need to press “send,” and your message goes out instantly. So try your sms marketing free now.

6) Biggest advantages of sms marketing are offering a personal touch while sending a text message hereby giving an informal opportunity for driving engagement.

7) Some best SMS marketing tactics include sending customers exclusive deals via coupons, sending automated messages to customers who have subscribed via drip campaigns and let your customers text to cast a vote via online polls

The bulk sms marketing has evolved a lot over the past few years and became most helpful to marketers in context of sms marketing price and success rate of sms marketing campaign since most people are attached to their phones today.

But it’s important to automate your SMS marketing campaigns since we’re into the idea of working smarter and not harder.

Expand your Local Business with Bulk SMS Service Provider Indore

Mass service providers in India are a very growing trend, with almost all companies having to send text messages for a variety of reasons. SMS Marketing Service is an effective way to communicate with customers and spread a brand message, it also helps in building strong brand awareness in the mass market. Explore diverse verticals of marketing and choose the option that suits your interest. You don’t need a hefty budget to leverage the benefit of the marketing world. But with the smart decision and smart choice, one can put the business on the right track even if you have a tight budget. The SMS Bulk is the fastest growing digital marketing service provided on media platforms to connect with customers to strengthen your business. However, with increasingly stringent rules and restrictions on message services, the online SMS service provider in Indore comes as a blessing to all technologically advanced people.

SMS promotional campaigns are aimed exclusively at the promotion and marketing of services and products and creating brand value. When sending free bulk SMS messages online, each message may contain a link to unsubscribe from the mailing, allowing the recipient to forward the page with his or her phone number to the page.


Today, mobile marketing is a more important service for advertising any product on the market to increase productivity in companies. When you send mass SMS messages to your customers, you can add customizable information that will be personalized for your recipient. Short SMS numbers are 5-digit numbers to which mobile phone users can send short messaging service messages independently of their telecom provider and which receive the desired answer in seconds.

Once you reach the inbox, you can sell any product or service with short messaging service bulk media in Indore, where you can send Bulk SMS from the website to any mobile phone in India. For example, the service provider offers different add-ons such as bulk SMS excel plugin, bulk SMS, mobile app, another service provider offer, a promising reseller program offer you endless possibilities to make your business communications simple, flexible, productive and easy to carry.

Voice calls enable customers to communicate with their mobile phone numbers anywhere in India, using a fully automated online system to communicate with their previously recorded voice messages.

You can also customize or customize messages with just one click with the Excel SMS plugin, providing its unique feature in the sector of group short message service gateways according to your needs. By incorporating links into the message that can be activated, text messages in bulk can even help to improve conversion rates throughout the customer’s lifecycle – acquisition, engagement, and storage.

Please pay attention to any wholesale messaging service provider offering extremely low prices, as these are usually delivered with low-quality deliveries and false reports.

Best Bulk Sms Pricing

Bulk SMS Pricing:

Bulk SMS Pricing Transactional SMS Route

Package Quantity Rate Amount Tax Tax Amt Total Amt Validity
5000 SMS 5000 0.27 1350 12.36% Rs:167/- Rs:1517/- Unlimited
10000 SMS 10000 0.25 2500 12.36% Rs:309/- Rs:2809/- Unlimited
25000 SMS 25000 0.23 5750 12.36% Rs:711/- Rs:6461/- Unlimited
50000 SMS 50000 0.15 7500 12.36% Rs:927/- Rs:8427/- Unlimited
1 LAC 100000 0.13 13000 12.36% Rs:1607/- Rs:14607/- Unlimited
5 LAC 500000 0.12 60000 12.36% Rs:7416/- Rs:67416/- Unlimited
10 LAC > 1000000 0.11 110000 12.36% Rs:13596/- Rs:123596/- Unlimited
Prices are subject to change without notice. Pricing and availability may vary.

Bulk SMS Pricing Promotional Route

Promotional Loop Route (Instant Delivery)

Package Quantity Rate Amount Tax Tax Amt Total Amt Validity
5000 SMS 5000 0.24 1200 12.36% Rs:148/- Rs:1348/- Unlimited
10000 SMS 10000 0.18 1800 12.36% Rs:222/- Rs:2022/- Unlimited
25000 SMS 25000 0.16 4000 12.36% Rs:494/- Rs:4494/- Unlimited
50000 SMS 50000 0.14 7000 12.36% Rs:865/- Rs:7865/- Unlimited
1 LAC 100000 0.12 12000 12.36% Rs:1483/- Rs:13483/- Unlimited
5 LAC 500000 0.11 55000 12.36% Rs:6798/- Rs:61798/- Unlimited
10 LAC > 1000000 0.10 100000 12.36% Rs:12360/- Rs:112360/- Unlimited
Prices are subject to change without notice. Pricing and availability may vary.