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Gudi Padwa 2014 : Marathi New Year 2014

Gudi Padwa 2014
Gudi Padwa 2014 date is 31 March. Gudi Padwa is the Marathi New Year. In addition to Maharashtra, Gudi Padwa is also the New Year of Goa and parts of Karnataka.

You must be wondering why Gudi Padwa is exclusively the New Year for Maharashtra, Goa and parts of Karnataka. The reason lies in their calendar. Indeed all Indians use lunar calendar, but the fact is that lunar calendar also has sub categories. One lunar calendar begins from Purnima (Full Moon) and ends on Full Moon; and another one begins with Amavasya (New Moon) and ends on New Moon only.

In 2014, the traditional Marathi Amavasyant Calendar is starting the Vijaya Nama Samvatsar. Also, it is the beginning of Shri Shalivahan Shak 1935. First month of Marathi calendar in 2014 is Chaitra. Festival of Gudi Padwa that is Marathi New Year is celebrated in the first day of Chaitra month.

Happy Holi March 2014

Holi Is The Festival Of Colors
Bhang Makes It More Colorful
And The Presence Of You Makes All This Even Merrier
So Lets Not Waste The Chance
And Dance And Play All Day Long
Have A Happy Holi
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